How to Hit Amazon’s Bestseller List in TWO MONTHS with Jodi LaBossiere

Today’s authorpreneur is the Bestselling Author Jodi LaBossiere. Jodi is definitely not your typical girl next door. At the age of fourteen, she became the youngest Avon lady on the block, knocking on the doors of her mothers friends and showing them how to look and feel beautiful. This part time job started her on a path in the health and beauty industry. Over the last three decades she has honed her skills, studied and worked with some of the world’s top cosmetic chemists, makeup artists, doctors, and entrepreneurs.

In addition to all of this, Jodi has also been a model, TV and radio personality, comedian and multi sashed and crowned beauty queen, has a doctorate in Asian and metaphysical sciences, is a Reiki master and wine connoisseur and self-professed foodie.

12In this episode you will learn:

  • How Jodi used accountability to hit her deadlines and wrap up the book project within TWO MONTHS (really!).
  • The best advice she’s EVER received about writing (from a 3x Bestselling author). 
  • The self-awareness Jodi got from writing her book and how it radically changed her business.
  • What Jodi has been doing since the book hit the Best Seller list.
  • What happened when a potential business partner Googled Jodi. 

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