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Looking to publish your book and build your influence and credibility in the marketplace? 

Welcome to The Authorpreneur Spotlight, a weekly podcast with your host Robbin Simons, founder and CEO of Crescendo Publishing.

Robbin is the leading expert on lead generation book publishing and platform growth for Entrepreneur Authors. She is also a speaker and expert contributor for many online and offline publications including Today’s Innovative Women Magazine.

Her work has been featured on Yahoo News, CBS Money Watch, The Boston Globe and the International Business Times.

Robbin is the author of multiple books, including the best seller, “eBook Publishing POWER for Entrepreneurs: SECRETS the Gurus Don’t Teach You”, and “go-to” mentor for entrepreneurs seeking to establish expert credibility, build their subscriber lists, and gain global visibility by creating their own lead generation book.

She is the publisher of the bi-weekly online eZine “Hot Off the Press”, a publication for all emerging entrepreneurs who are seeking easy-to-implement guidance, tips, and support as they grow their platforms and their businesses using the HOTTEST and COOLEST media options available today.

You can learn more about Robbin, all of her author programs, and check out her best selling Authorpreneurs at www.CrescendoPublishing.com.

This show brings together real-life authors sharing their publishing journeys, as well as experts with advice to help you write, publish and market your book.

Did you know that 80% of wannabe authors never bring their book dreams to reality? Discover what it takes to be part of the 20% who do share their ideas and vision with the world.

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