TAS 008: Intellectual Property Secrets with Kara Zitnick

Today’s guest is Kara Zitnick. Kara is the premier legal partner for women entrepreneurs who are building a brand, a business and a legacy. An attorney for 13 years, Kara has spent the last 6 of those years working exclusively with entrepreneurs to help them launch, grow and protect their brands with trademarks, copyrights, contracts and IP consulting. As a creative herself, she understands the unique needs of creative entrepreneurs, coaches and authors as they run a business. To date, Kara has helped launch over 200 brands.

9In this episode you will learn:

  • What most people don’t realize about copyright law.
  • How to adequately protect your book (and brand) from copycats.
  • What to consider when choosing your book title.
  • The lowdown on including affiliate links in your books or online content.
  • How to become a copyright law ninja – without even hiring an attorney!

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